Seas 22TAF/G (H1283)

I used these in my brother’s speakers, Speaker III.  I’ve always had a soft spot for 3/4″ dome drivers.  I used them in my first design, Speaker I, listened to them for years.  When I switched out to a pair of Polk RTi4’s with 1″ tweeters, one of my first impressions was the very top end lost some air, some imaging.  I could localize symbols to the speakers, which I didn’t recall with my own design.  I have always – and possibly erroneously – attributed that to smaller diameter tweeter.

2014-04-20 19.25.43 Spkr3 II front cropped

This Seas 3/4″ uses an aluminum/magnesium alloy for the dome, fabric (Sonomex) surround, and ferro fluid for additional power handling.  Resonance is 1100 Hz, and sensitivity rated at 92 dB.  Testing was therefore done at -2 dBW.

Frequency response is very smooth, and quite extended.

Seas 22TAFG -2dBW freqz

Distortion isn’t as a good news story.  Performance here is generally average, with the good news that its primarily second order distortion.  I believe the distortion suggests that a 3 kHz or higher cross-over is the best choice, and as low as 2 kHz would likely work (my Speaker III crossover is 2.5 kHz).

Seas 22TAFG -2dBW distortion