Speaker III – Zaph ZA14W08 5″ Mid-Woofer

Ok, major change in direction.  The Vifa mid-woofers have not held up well while in storage.  Resonance and Qts have increased, implying that the suspension has undergone major changes.  Into the trash they go.  Sigh.

Welcome aboard the Zaph Audio ZA14W08 available at Madisound !!!  Not quite the same form factor, so new cut-outs are required.  And while I am at it, lets change to a matching metal dome tweeter, the Seas Prestige 22TAF/G (H1283).

2014-04-20 19.25.43 Spkr3 II front cropped

The cross-over design will be a 2.5-way.  Shown below is the 2 mH inductor on the lower woofer.  The two woofers are then wired in parallel.  You can also see an initial tweeter circuit (more details in the sequel).

2014-04-12 17.37.11 Spkr3 II inside croped

Some measurements.  Blue line is the raw drivers, green is with first prototype cross-over.  The cyan line is the cross-over target of 2.5 kHz LR4.  Notice the metal cone resonance exactly where its suppose to be.

2014.02.14 Spkr3 Zaph Mids w xover1