My First Home Theatre Setup


The main loudspeakers are Speaker I, and the surrounds (not visible) are my own dipoles. No center channel at this time, nor side speakers.  The love seat is for the theatre, the main couch is for the Apogee Scintilla setup on the opposite wall.  The bass was quite good in the corner like this, and the imaging benefitted from only one reflection from the right wall.


Just a quick snapshot of my rack. Amplifiers are Parasound 750A for the surrounds, Adcom 5500 for the bass modules, and an Aragon 4004 mkII for the satellites. The surround processor is a Lexicon CP-3 with “+” software. The electronic x-over is a Marchand XM-9. The crossover frequency is 250 Hz. The source is a Pioneer DVL-909 which is a combination compact disc, laser disc, and DVD player.